Many people are turning to in-room massage in Las Vegas service because it is a sensual idea to have someone to come to your hotel or home to offer the massage without having to go to the spa or massage center to get it done. Now there are some companies that offer the massage on demand and you can get someone coming to your home in less than an hour. However, if you are not sure of what to do when someone comes to your home, then the following are some answers to the questions that you may be having in your mind.

1. Where the massage table will be kept

Remember that there should be a place where the massage therapist and the massage table to be kept. It should be at least 10 feet to 5 feet. If it is a couple massages, then this space should be doubled. Some people can put the table in the living room or in a bedroom. However, where you put it, it will be up to you, it can be in the kitchen, backyard or laundry room.

2. You can use your music

Even if the therapist will bring the tunes for the massage, you can listen to things you like. Some customers may want to hear ESPN or show tunes while having the massage.

3. Shower whenever it is possible

If you are not sure of what the therapist will want, it is good if you shower first. If you had gotten sweaty for a reason like workout or hot weather, it is good if you do shower before a therapist come.

4. Should I give the therapist something to drink or to eat

It is good if you can offer therapist water? You should also have one ready for you since massage can be too dehydrating.

5. Can you light the candle

When you feel that you want a candle atmosphere, then you should light it but make sure that it is in a safe place and there is a plate or a saucer to catch wax.

6. Will I remove the clothes off with a therapist?

This is not important. When the therapist comes to your home, he will set up a massage table then she is going to excuse herself in order to wash hands and to prepare for the massage. This is the time to change and to be draped in a towel or a sheet used during the massage.

7. Tipping

It is better to understand if the price you paid is fixed or if you are expected to add a tip.

8. What you should do with the pets

Some massage therapist will enjoy the pets and they are going to be happy while working but sometime the pets can bother the therapist by barking or a cat jumping on a massage table. Make sure that you kept the pet away during the massage.

9. How can you help the therapist?

It is the job of a therapist to carry and to set up the table while your job is to relax and to enjoy what it is going on.
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