Ragweed season is here and is causing people to sneeze, wheeze and cough through out the country. How about a suggestion that costs under $ 15.00 and doesn’t involve drugs or prescriptions?

Ragweed Season Is Here Again

Our sinuses seem to be continually fighting pollen of one kind or another. Ragweed, starts blooming in the middle of August. Did you know that the pollen grains are so lightweight that they can travel up to distances of 400 miles? Imagine how far into your sinuses these tiny travelers can go!

This tiny pollen causes all of the typical allergy symptoms such as sneezing, runny noses, swollen and itchy watery eye.

If you are counting the days until the season is over, ragweed pollen runs rampant through the middle of October through out most of the United states.

How To Feel Better When Dealing With Ragweed Allergies

  • Nasal irrigation reduces the suffering that goes hand in hand with ragweed allergies without having to take a prescription.
  • One of the best and cheapest ways to irrigate your sinuses is with a neti pot.
  • Keep windows closed to keep the pollen from getting into your home and car.
  • Wash the pollen off by taking daily showers.

How Does A Neti Pot Help With Ragweed?

Neti pots have been around for thousands of years. A saline solution is poured in one nostril, fills up your sinus cavity and comes out the other nostril, bringing with it all of those lovely irritants like ragweed pollen. If you have never tried this before you are in for a treat, especially if you are suffering right now.

The warm water bathes your sinus passages and the salt heals the irritated areas.

Neti pots just like lymphatic drainage are an important part in bringing sinus relief.

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