Back Packs are a very popular way to carry books and supplies for students and professionals alike. Here are some practical suggestions to prevent unnecessary back aches and pains because of using them:

These tips are suggested by the National Safety Council:

  • Always wear both straps, so that the weight is distributed across both shoulders and evenly across the back.
  • A backpack should always be centered across the middle of the back.
  • Try not to overload the backpack. Keep it from getting too heavy.
  • Place the heaviest items closest to the back.
  • When lifting the backpack, bend at the knees and lift with your legs.


Pro Massage Therapy Comments:

The back pack industry is a multi million dollar industry. People are willing to lay out big bucks for a designer back pack today. Whether you spend $ 3.50 0r $150 for a backpack…you will strain your back if you do not follow these suggestions recommended here.

Here is a test.

If you are a student take your book bag and throw it on for a moment. Now notice carefully. If you feel uncomfortable or feel a pulling or straining in your neck and shoulders, then stop what you are doing. Refer to the above list and make the necessary adjustments.

If pain persists apply ice packs for 45 minutes to relieve inflammation. Then follow with a quick hot shower. I can not emphasize the benefits of massage on these tense areas to relieve pressure.

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