If you have ever had to go under the “knife” or are contemplating it for dealing with your existing unrelenting back pain, then you may want to read this article.

FLORIDA — Each year, 40-60% of American adults suffer from chronic back pain.
Now, a new surgery is offering relief to many people with less pain, rehabilitation, and anxiety.

Traditional surgery to treat back pain involves a large incision, a 3-4 hour surgery, and a long, painful recovery.

new procedure called Axialif, which involves a less than 1 inch incision, less time under the knife, and a shorter, less painful recovery has been now cleared by the FDA for certain situations.

“They can get up and get moving much quicker in the hospital and they leave the hospital quicker,” said Dr. Stephen Goll.

After doctors make a small incision at the base of the spine, the old, flattened disc is cleaned out. Then, that space is filled with bone from the patient or bone growth material.

The area is stabilized with a bolt and two screws.

People report they did not have the pain that I went into the hospital with.

The FDA has cleared Axialif to treat certain vertebrae, which means half of all patients seeking lumbar spine fusions are now candidates for the less invasive procedure.

Reported by Kristy Ondo

Pro Massage Therapy Comments:

At first this appears to have everything you would want in a back operation. Less cutting, only a 1″ scar, shorter hospital stay and quicker recovery.

The only thing that concerns me is is found in this quote:

“Then, that space is filled with bone from the patient or bone growth material.” What is this “bone growth material” spoken of here and where do they get “bone” from the patient from?

Don’t get me wrong.

Sometimes back surgery is the only answer. This author had it “back” in 1995 & is 100% grateful for the skilled neurosurgeon that performed it.

The other thing that concerns me is why they are only clearing it for certain vertebrate. Now I am not a doctor, but I don’t like to volunteer for new surgery techniques.

I will wait until time has passed and we see any long term results from happy clients with no side effects.

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