Have you ever heard of the Alexander Method?

What is it and how can it help back sufferers?
The Alexander Technique
Frederick Matthias Alexander, an actor, invented the Alexander Technique in the late 1800’s to relieve his own vocal and breathing troubles while reciting his lines on stage.
These technique help us examine our everyday normal reaction habits. Think about it, if we react calmy with more poise, we work with our bodies mechanics instead of against it.
These lessons are taught one-on-one because each person’s body movement habits are different. The instructor uses gentle, non-manipulative touch to guide the student through simple movements. It basically works like this, the student is taught to think through his normal movements in a new way. This helps them become conscious of these bad habits and then stop them.

This makes 100% sense from a neuromuscular massage therapists view. If you teach the body to think before it has a knee jerk reaction, you will avoid the strains and pulls that come from working against our bodies natural mechanics. The alexander method is a perfect compliment to massage therapy.
If you impliment these habits do you see how it could help you?
In the next post we will discuss how effective the Alexander method is in an interesting study that has just been released.

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