Shopping for a mattress to help relieve your back pain?

Here are 8 tips to help you making a good choice.

1. Personal preference, everyone is different, there is no single mattress style or type that works for all people with low back pain.

2. How is the mattress constructed? Mmattresses vary in their number and type of coils. Mattress padding comes in many different thicknesses.

3. Does it support your back? It should provide support for the natural curves and alignment of the spine. This support helps you to avoid muscle soreness in the morning. One study found that medium-firm mattresses usually provide more back pain relief than firm mattresses.

4. Balance your decision between support and comfort. If you prefer a firmer mattress for back support then go for one with thicker padding for greater comfort. This way you don’t wake up with a sore back from a hard mattress.

5. Don’t put off getting a new mattress. If an old mattress sags visibly in the middle or is no longer comfortable, it is probably time to purchase a new one.

6. Don’t base your choice on price alone. Shop for the best value and quality in a mattress.

7. Try it before you buy it. When shopping at the store, lay on the mattress for several minutes to decide if it is a good fit. If two people will be sleeping on the mattress, both should test it at the same time to make sure they are both comfortable on the same style of mattress.

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Pro Massage Therapy Comments

It is funny how much money people will spend on a TV. People will shell out $2,000 for a HD Plasma TV without thinking twice about it. But when it comes to their mattress… they don’t want to spend 1 penny more then they need to. It’s funny how people think, isn’t it? We spend 8 hours a day sleeping on a mattress, doesn’t it make sense to invest in your health, back and comfort?

The article commented on the importance of supporting your spine and its natural curves. One mattress that I like that does this are the ones like the tempur pedic. This heavy foam supports every part of your spine as it conforms around your body.

What about try before you buy? They give you 30 days in home trial.

If you don’t like it…they will come back and pick it up, no questions asked. Who could ask for more when buying a mattress?

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