Are you ready for the 10 things you need to know before choosing a massage therapist in Atlanta Georgia?

1. Determine Your need for massage:

A. Reduction of stress?

B. Relief of pain?

C. Redeeming a gift certificate?

Why is this so important to determine your needs up front?

Well, needs for massage may vary from person to person. Determining Your specific need can help you choose the a therapist with the specific massage techniques that you may require. For example, not all massage therapists are trained, certified and skilled in Relaxing massages, neuromuscular massages, lymphatic massages as well as prenatal massages.

Can you imagine the frustration of going to a therapist only to find they don’t specialize in the specific treatments you require?

2. Locating a massage therapist to work with:

This can be done by asking friends or coworkers. If they are not able to give a recommendation use the following methods:

A. Look in the phone book or other local directories.

B. Ask other health professionals.

C. Web search

Follow a friends or health professionals recommendation whenever possible.

When viewing a website, always check for credentials and client testimonies. When reviewing client testimonies make sure they speak about specific problems & specific results attained.

3. Location where your massage therapy will take place:

It may help increase your level of comfort if the therapist is a part of Your local community. However, some clients choose to travel a little further when a message therapist is highly skilled in a massage technique that is needed, or they come highly recomended by a health practitioner.

4. Massage Therapist Credentials.

Your therapist must meet all local, state, and national requirments. Did you know that the state of Georgia is changing the requirements for massage therapist licensing? Make sure they conform to all of the new state requirements.

5. Specialties Of The Massage Therapist.

Your prospective therapist may perform several styles of massage. This is imperative to find out before hand so that you can benefit from them all.

For example several of my clients came to me for neuromsucular massage for specific pains or injuries they had. While we worked on their particular issues we uncovered an ongoing sinus condition that could be alleviated thru our lymphatic drainage massage.

Can you see the benefit of finding a massage therapist that is skilled in several therapeutic techniques?

6. Experience.

Massage schools are pumping out new students every day. There are scores of students fresh out of massage schools with business cards ready to work on you.

While this may be OK for an occasional massage for relaxation, if you have a particular pain or innury you are dealing with… do you really want someone practicing on you?

So it is imperative for you to ask the therapist:

  • How long they have they been practicing massage.
  • How many massages have they completed
  • Also, if they may have had experience with your specific need, and what results were yeilded.

7. References.

Ask for the names of patrons that may tell you about their experience with the therapist. Be sure to ask for specifics & details:

  • Why did they go get a massage?
  • What specific problems were they facing?
  • Where ddid they hear of the practioner?
  • Why did they choose them?
  • What specific results did they get?
  • Where they satisfied with the experience?
  • Would they recommend them, and why?
  • Will they be going back for future treatments?

A second source of references can be from your existing health practitioners that may refer you to a prospective therapist.

8. Setting of therapy practice.

You may know that many massage therapist work in different settings. Some work in Spas and salons, while others work with other health professionals,such as Chiropractors & Physical therapist.

Some may work alone from their home or in a shopping mall. So be sure to choose a therapist that can provide a comfortable setting for You.

9. Availability.

The massage is for You, so choose a therapist that is available when You need them.

For instance a therapist may work nights, weekends,as well as regular business hours, they may even provide out call service.

10. Price and method of payment.

Most therapist will keep their prices competative, but make sure You know the price ahead of time. Also, ask if insurance is accepted, otherwise, method may be cash, check, or credit card.

Take the time to think about these things up front and you will ensure that your massage experience will be both enjoyable, productive and beneficial.

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