What Is PreNatal Massage Therapy?

Ah– the joys of pregnancy!

Unfortunately along with your new “bundle of joy” come unwelcome side effects like aching backs, hips, legs, head aches, swollen feet & lets not forget about the nausea.

What if I told you there was a massage therapy just for expecting mothers that is designed to ease some of the discomfort associated with pregnancy and even improve their labor and delivery?

Expecting moms don’t realize that their skeletal structure is now not only supporting them…but its also supporting their baby too. This increase in weight can wreck havoc on your system.

A certified prenatal massage therapist can manipulate those muscles that have been effected to relieve some of the stress and strain associated with pregnancy. This relaxing technique can go along way when you are dealing with the flood of emotions and harmonies associated with your being pregnant.

What Do Doctors Have To Say About This?

You might find it interesting that Studies at the University of Miami, School of Medicine, show that just 20 minutes of massage twice a week for five weeks:

  • Reduces stress hormones in your body,
  • Improves mood swings
  • Helps promote better sleep
  • Reduces your anxiety and back pain.

But it gets even better than that…these studies report expecting moms who received regular massages during their pregnancy:

  • Had lower rates of premature birth,
  • Fewer obstetrical problems,
  • Babies had fewer of postnatal complications.

What Are The Benefits Of Prenatal Massage Therapy To A Pregnant Mother And Unborn Child?

Studies show that they prenatal massage may:

  • Relieve the nervousness, anxiety & depression associated with the hormonal changes brought about by pregnancy.
  • Relieve stress on lower back, pelvis, and ankles which are not used to carrying a baby
  • Eliminate back, shoulder neck pain caused by your muscles being out of balance.
  • Increase your blood and lymph circulation, which in turn helps to reduce swelling and improves the babies oxygen supply.
  • Release muscle knots that cause cramping, tightening, stiffness.
  • Reduce your aches and pain and at the same time encourage relaxation, which can actually facilitate your labor
  • Improve muscle and skin tone
  • Help you sleep better so you don’t have to toss and turn all night

Do Experts Recommend It For All Women That Are Pregnant?

Most experts recommend you wait until your second trimester so that your body can get adjusted to the pregnancy.

Prenatal massage is perfectly safe during your second and third trimester. In fact the further along you are…the more you’ll appreciate the benefits!

Of course when you are pregnant, you should always check with your doctor before beginning any new treatment or procedure .

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