It’s True…In Honor Of The 2009 New Year We Will Offer This Special Massage Gift certificate Promotion To You!

Dear friend,

You want a massage, but yet…

  • How do you know who to trust?
  • How do you know if the massage therapist is any good?
  • How do you know you will like them and feel comfortable working with them?

I’ts only natural…
Who wants to plunk down $65 for a professional massage, or $100 for one of those fancy spa massages when you just don’t know if you will be happy with the service– or the results.

I want my Gift Certificate Now.

Or maybe, you have been suffering long enough in pain and traditional health care providers have just not been able to give you the relief you seek.

You may be nervous about trying something new to you like professional massage therapy.

I understand.

I have thought long and hard on how to eliminate the barriers to you trying the massage therapy services I provide for my clients all over the greater Atlanta area.

I wanted to find a way to make it easy for you to give us a test drive… without risking your time and money.

At first, I thought about offering a free massage in atlanta.

But then, I figured I would end up with only with people only looking for something for free. You know what I mean, someone who was not really serious about working together on a regular basis.

Instead, I am looking for someone just like you. Someone that is looking for a professional relationship with their massage therapist…not just a free ride.

So, New Years Eve, it finally hit me.

Why not a $20.09 Swedish massage for the new 2009 year.

Send Me My Gift Certificate Now.

While not everyone is willing to fork over $65- $100 for a massage, I think almost everybody would be willing to invest $20 to see if they could benefit from massage therapy.

Only twenty bucks.

People will drop almost twenty bucks on a starbucks latte muffin & a newspaper for goodness sake.

You work hard for a living. You get home and you are tired. Then the real work begins as you take care of dinner, cleanup and the kids. And tomorrow morning…it stars all over again.

Don’t you think you deserve a 30 minute holiday for yourself?

I promise their will be no strings attached…or hidden charges.

If after redeeming your certificate, you think I would be the right massage therapist for you…then we can review your goals and see which massage package would give you the best value for your money.

Sound fair?

Yes, I Am Ready To Get My $20.09 Massage Certificate.

I look forward to hearing from you.

By the way…
Pass this on to a friend or family memeber that can benefit from this offer.

Or better yet…
Why not get a massage gift certificate as a gift for someone you love that deserves a massage?