What exactly is isechemia and how can NMT help?

Perhaps you have never heard of this word before. Allow me to explain.

The original greek word for Isechemia is made of 2 smaller words:

  • isch- which literally means restriction.
  • hema- which means blood.

So then ischemia or ischaemia (as it is sometimes referred) is literally a restriction in the blood supply.

This restriction is usually due to factors in your blood vessels. In turn this can result in tissue damage. While many times this is caused by disease, isechemia can be caused by mechanical compression or trauma due to an accident. It can also be caused by severe muscle spasms. In other words over tensed muscles can actually be pressing on blood vessels thereby limiting blood flow to other muscles that depend on it.

Can you see the problem that this can cause?

Our bodies depend on our circulatory system to pump blood through out our bodies. In fact our organs and our muscles need the oxygen and nutrients our blood delivers to them to operate at their full potential.

So when there is a shortage of blood supply to a particular gropu of muscles this leads to an oxygen deficiency to our bodies tissues. When our muscles do not receive the oygen theu need we then build up an excess of lactic acid. This build up of Lactic acid is what makes us feel sore every time we do physical activities.

While neuromuscular massage therapy is not a cure, it can relieve the pressure of tense muscles caused by accidents and car wrecks that can cause such mechanical compression.

Did you know that your bad posture could be contributing to your pain?