This is the number one cause of many of the problems we have.

We were designed to have blanced back muscles, an even level pelvis and legs that are the same length and straight.

But thats in a perfect world right?

Bad posture and routine mechanical actions that we perform over and over again lead to a distortion in our biomechanical makeup.

The anatomy of a common biomechanical dysfunction:

1-You have bad posture and slouch.

2-Your right side back muscles become shortened, your legs remain the same length and you pelvis is then forced to tilt up to make up the difference. Ouch!

3-To make up for this, your shortened right side back muscles would pull the upper body and head to the side if your spine remains straight. Now your neck hurts!

4-In order to get your head back to center, your spine then rotates and twists putting pressure in the nerve vertebrae , disks and muscles.

5-Now in order to reduce the pressure on the spine, the leg on the opposite side of the short muscle will rotate and shorten.

6- Now how do you feel? Your lower back, neck sacrum, hip, groin, outer thigh, inside knee, calf ankle and foot are killing you. All because of bad posture and lifting habits.

Correct your posture now by working with a neuromuscular therapist.

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