Please Do Not Listen To A Word I Say

Now as a Certified massage therapist… why would I ever say that?

Instead of me telling you what I believe I can do to help you…
I would rather that you listen to what some of my gracious massage therapy clients have to say.

Listen closely as they tell their stories of aches, pains and frustrations. Many of them may resonate with you as you think of your own problems.

Then if you think it makes sense for us to talk…please feel free to pick up the phone and call me for a 100% risk free phone consultation to see if massage therapy makes sense in your particular situation.

Please enjoy.

Head Aches

“Headaches and arm pain is my story. Greg was recommended to me by my co workers,it made no difference to me that he was blind. Although I had never been massaged by a man I was in such pain that I did not care.
After the first treatment my headache was gone, and after several visits my arms were pain free. I still get occasional pains, but nothing like was. I habe told others about Greg and I look forward to my next massage with Him.”

Angie Campbell, Monroe,Ga.

Low Back Pain

“I had reservations about letting a man massage Me, but when I heard that Greg was blind, I decided to gibe Him a try.

I had low back pain and after the first massage I could that I was going to get better.
It has been almost 4 years, and I still get regular massages and tell my friends about Greg”

Michell Hunt, Alphretta,Ga.

Post Lumbar Surgery Pain

“Even after lumbar surgery My leg began to be extremely painful.

So much so that I was often in tears. My natureopath introduced me to Greg and He told Me what thought He could for Me. I had never had massage before, and being somewhat hesitant I can say that it has been a tremendous help for Me.

I have told quite a few friends at church and in my neighborhood about Greg, and even My husband now sees Greg regularly.”

Donna Adleman, Lawrencevill,Ga.

Lymph Drainage Massage

“I was sick for so long, and when I began to be active again ineeded help, I needed lymph drainage massage. My chiropractor told me about Greg, and what a difference. even after one treatment. I have made it a priority to keep regular appointments with Him.”

Michell Wyllie, Flowery branch,Ga.

Mentally and Physically Tired

“My work is very stressful and demanding both mentally amd physically. So, when I need a massage that can really unwind Me. I have been with Greg since He started His practice in this area. I find that His massage treatment and massage technique is exactly what I need. He has also been very flexible in scheduling Me because of tha nature of My work. I have referred friends and coworkers to Him.”

Gary Kempller,Gainseville,Ga.

Sagging Eyebrows

“My eyebrow was sagging. It really bothered Me. One day when Greg was treating Me He used the Lymph Med machine on My face, not really targeting My eye brow, but the next day it was absolutely normal.

I have since ordered some of the products that He uses for My own use at home.

Belinda Massey R.N., Buford,Ga.

Tennis Elbow

“I love tennis. So when I developed tennis elbow, I was very discouraged. I knew that massage could help, but I actually called Greg by mistake. I was trying to call another day spa in our area. The lady said that Greg could probably help Me, so I made an appointment. After one series of massage My tennis elbow was gone. I have sent My husband, daughter, and tennis teamates to see Greg. I cant wait to schedule My next appointment.”

Lori Burdebn, Sugarhill,Ga.

Sinus Problems

“Before I had Graig work on my sinus problems with his lympatic massage therapy I would have to take sinus drops into my nose all night long inorder to get any sleep.

Now, after only one treatment I only needed to use my sinus drops once last night.”

T. Cheshire, Jefferson Georgia

Knee Pain

“I went to see Greg on the advice of a friend, though I thought I needed surgury on My knee.
Yes My knee, back, and elbow, were painful as could be. I was glad that the Doctor said that I did not need surgery, yet my knee was extremely painful.

Oh, by the way, did I mention that I was to play in a tennis tournament in three

I was reluctant to let a man massage Me, but I had to do something fast.
When Greg examined My knee Greg gave Me alot of the same infornation that the Doctor had given Me, this made Me more comfortable.

I had My massage and got some relief, so I was able to play in the tennis
match. After afew massage sessions I was some better, but I was mot one hundred percent.
Greg also was not satisfied with My progress, so He referred Me to His personal Chiropractor.

Now I am One hundred percent.
I appreciate the fact that Greg has My best interest at heart.”

Kieth Howell, Buford Georgia


“I had heard of Gregs lymphatic drainage massage through My Doctor friend a Naturopath.
I had heard that it could help me with my cellulite.

We started working together and I noticed that I was beginning to loose weight.
So much that over the last year I have dropped several sizes in my clothes.
I have personally referred friends, and employees to see Greg.I also have regular sessions of both lymph, and regular massage.”

Gail Dorsey, Sugar hill Georgia

I Was Worried Because I Am A Bigger Guy

“My wife had a massage by greg. When she came home she said that I just had to try him out.

I had knee pain from an operation just a few month before.
I am a bigger guy and needed someone with alot of strength.

Greg had no problem handling me, as a matter of fact, I asked Him to use a little less pressure once or twice.

My pain left and I had more range of motion.
Frequently I call for an appointment after I have traveled for my work because it gives me alot relief.”

Bret Butler,Buford,Ga

Chronic Shoulder Pain

“I have had chronic shoulder pain in My right soulder for as long as I could remember.
I have other ailments but My shoulder kept Me form doing the things that I love, such as swimming,yard work, exercising.
I was referred to Greg by My natural health practicioner. After a few sessions my shoulder was better. Massage gives me relief but My shoulder will probably never be completly like it should be, but Greg has helped Me to do the things that I love to do again”

Sharon Cole,Suwanee,Ga.

Fibromyalgia Pain

“I have Fibromyalgia pain all over my body.
I heard about Greg from a friends sister. Massage is my pain reliever, and I have had a good amount of relief from My sessions with Greg. I wish I could go every day.”

Marne Davis, Sugar Hill,Ga.

In the past massages were basically viewed as a way to relax. While that is still true, there is a growing body of evidence for the health & therapeutic benefits of massage.